Our Story

We are Canterbury born and bred! We have been involved in the Kitchen, Joinery and Building industry for over 25 years and in this time we have seen the industry change a lot. The humble garage used to be just a place for the car and maybe a workbench, and the kitchen was all about looking good from the outside. 

We believe we can help you with your interior storage needs. We also know we can make this process easy and rewarding for everyone involved. You get a well organised garage or kitchen and we get the satisfaction of making a real difference to your everyday life. We have kid's bikes, tents, golf clubs, tools and bits and bobs, so we know what its like to have a garage loaded with stuff. We specialise in the supply and install of quality storage products that make your life easier and most carry a limited 10yr or limited lifetime warranty (Conditions apply). 

Now is the time to invest more in your garage and kitchen, to make them more functional, and easier to find those items you know are in there somewhere. This is where Inner Storage can help you.

Transform your space, get Inner Storage to your place!


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