Need specific organising expertise?

Inner Garage

At Inner Storage we come to you. We will sit down with you and complete a list of the items you want to store, to make sure we deliver a result specific to your needs. This will give you the confidence, you are getting a flexible storage solution that is well organised and easy to use. 

Inner Kitchen

Our elegant Inner Storage products work wonders on the interior of drawers and pull-outs. Every piece of cutlery, bottle, pot and lid has its place. We will go through your kitchen with you and create a list of items that will give you clear visibility into each drawer. Contact us now so we can provide ingenious storage solutions for your space.

Inner Living

Inner Storage can provide a storage solution for almost any type of room or living space. Our products keep everything in their place so your items are always easy to reach. Our systems are flexible and can be adaptable to suit a range of applications.

Collaborative Partnerships

Inner Storage works with some awesome companies that compliment what we do for our clients.


A Unique, Contemporary and Local Business that offers
Professional Organising Services (in-person sessions) in Christchurch and On-line Worldwide consultancy (in Italian and English), owned and operated by Shara Morisi, Professional Organiser especially
trained member of the IOPO Institute.


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